Day 15 of 100 of LIFESMART Parenting

We have been experimenting with different build and talk tools for years. I want to talk about build and talk also from a guided participation perspective.

We can use written communication in many ways to scaffold learning and to facilitate learning. Since autistic…

Day 14 of 100: LIFESMART Parenting: Daily Shares

This week we will be looking at each of the daily topics through the guided participation perspective.

Movement and Guided Participation

Activities involving movement provide extensive opportunities for guided participation. Transform movement-based activities into guided participation opportunities. …

10–03–2021: LIFESMART Parenting: Daily Shares

One of the most important lessons that I have learned is to see what is taking shape and choose my next steps. …

If you are in our telegram group and there is only one channel thread to follow, please follow this one:

You can slowly familiarize yourself with and follow other discussions over time. We will share the essential concepts, tools, and practices for becoming LIFESMART.

We will share one tip…

Day 10: LIFESMART Parenting

Cognitive jigs are simple reusable structures that can be used repeatedly to organize ideas for thinking. …

Dr. Dasaratha Rama and Dr. Bhairavi Sudarshan

Explorations started in July 2020 set the stage for 100 days of build and talk with Pragnya (8 year old). The 100 day project led to implementation of build and talk with Pradyun (2.5 year old) resulting in daily use of Thinkblocks. …

Moments shape 100-Day projects. Managing Moments is a ten-step, felxible process that shows how 100-Day projects take shape and impact daily LIFE.

  1. Monitor Progress: Where are you now?
  2. Make Choices: Prioritize your next steps.
  3. Evolve Competence: Decide practice targets.
  4. Strengthen Coordination: Define roles and workflows.
  5. Do SMART projects (Short-term): Commit…

Day 5: Home Exploration and Learning Plan

The LIFESMART approach includes many inter-related elements. One of the key elements of LIFESMART is choice. Parent choice is a key factor that influences outcomes for all children. It is a particularly important factor when raising children with varied challenges.

LIFESMART choices impact…

Dr. Dasaratha Rama and S. Pragnya

What do you get when you combine Karate and Barbie? Karate Barbie!

Pragnya and I have explored build and talk since July 2020. We have explored DSRP (Distinctions, Systems, Relationship, Perspectives), Plectica, Thinkblocks, index cards, and the LIFESMART kit.

Today, we had an opportunity…

Ten key features of 100-Day projects that explain why 100-Day project is an effective way to organize action!

  1. Consistency is an important feature of the 100-day approach. If we commit to working daily on a specific activity for 100 days, we sustain our focus on this activity. …


Professor, home educator, and entrepreneur. Developer of the LIFESMART philosophy and approach to learning.

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