The LIFESMART Worksheet

The Challenge

Stay focused and consistent in the short-term while being flexible and agile in the long-term

The LIFESMART Solution

  1. Commit to a 100-Day project with and let goals and activities evolve over time!
  2. Map long-term journey with the LIFESMART canvas

Use the LIFESMART worksheet to think about your 100-Day project from a long-term perspective.

Once you have started your 100 Day Project, you can respond to the questions in the worksheet below. The questions address each element in the LIFESMART canvas. The complete canvas is shown at the end of the document.

The LIFESMART Worksheet

I. Briefly describe your 100-day project.

1. What do you intend to do daily during the 100 days?

II. Map your 100-day LIFESMART journey


2. Make a list of possible 100-day projects.


3. How are your daily LIFE activities evolving during the 100 days?

L: Learning daily: Describe your daily activities for the 100-day project.

I: Interests: How did you adjust the daily activities based on your child’s interests?

F: Family Interactions: How are your family interactions evolving through daily activities?

E: Engagement with community: How is your engagement with the LIFESMART community evolving through daily activities?


4. Write a SMART goal (S: Specific, M: Measurable, A: Attainable, R: Relevant, T: Time-framed) for your 100-Day project based on your experience.


5. How are you using your capacities and resources in the 100-Day project?


6. What progress have you made so far in your 100-Day project?

7. How has your 100-Day project evolved over time?

  • What activities did you start?
  • How did you modify your 100-Day project over time?
  • How are you continuing activities over time?
  • How are you incrementally evolving activities over time?

8. How frequently do you share information with others?

III. Grow Capacities and Resources

9. How is the 100-day project growing your capacity for future 100-Day projects? Consider the Six Cs (Connections, Conversations, Clarity, Choice, Competence, Coordination).

10. How have your resources grown through the 100-Day project?

The LIFESMART canvas was formally developed recently. However, I have considered these indicators for many years. For example, the Six Cs are based on my multi-year study of The PhD Project model. Since I had started this work many years ago, I was paying attention to the Six Cs. Thus, I did not see progress just in terms of Ananth’s progress. I focused on my Six Cs as I knew that these Cs represented capacity for development for our family.

Professor, home educator, and entrepreneur. Developer of the LIFESMART philosophy and approach to learning.

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